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A surprised doll - Eine überraschte Puppe

Belambolo - Puppenhandwerk: A surprised doll - Eine überraschte Puppe

11. Oktober 2014

A surprised doll - Eine überraschte Puppe

Dear Reader,
Linnea oh-why you look so surprised? 
What - do you speak so softly I can barely understand you. 
You're usually so an energetic person. 

Oh - you are amazed that I have photographed you and you are now in the internet! 

Yes, as you can see times - you're famous! A little beauty.

Linnea is available in my shop *Klick*.
She would be very happy to find a new home for christmas.....

Linnea already found a new home- Linnea hat ein neues Zuhause gefunden.

Oh Linnea -warum schaust Du so erstaunt?
Was  - Du sprichst so leise, ich kann dich kaum verstehen.
du bist doch sonst so eine energische kleine Person.

Ach - Du bist erstaunt dass man Dich fotografiert hat und Du jetzt im Internet zu sehen bist.

Ja, da kannst Du mal sehen - Du bist berühmt! Eine kleine Schönheit.

Linnea gibt es in meinem Shop *Klick*.
Sie würde gerne Weihnachten bei einer neuen Familie verbringen .....

Linnea is a handcrafted doll, OOAK especially made for you.
She is approx. 40 cm / 16" inches tall and made with a high quality cotton interlock tricot from the Netherlands. 
Linnea is filled pure wool so she lies softly and safe in the hand of her owner. 

Linnea is completly stitched by hand, her clothes are made from natural materials such as cotton jersey, wool and her body is stuffed firmly with pure wool. Her hair is made of mohar. Her arms and legs can be moved freely. 

The outfit of Linnea consists of

a lilac legging
rose crocheted shoes
white shirt
blau geblümte Schürze

Hair - mohair
skin - tricot from Switzerland
face - embroidered ( cotton)
filling - sheep wool

Every doll can be individualized according to their wishes. Please contact me

Please visit my shop at or my blog

I also like to fulfill individual customer requirements!

I offer staged payment - contact me info [!at]

Have a nice weekend



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