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Belambolo - Puppenhandwerk

Belambolo - Puppenhandwerk: Oktober 2012

27. Oktober 2012

The little rascals - kleine Racker in der Werkstatt

It was such a mess and wild uproar today in my studio - now for a few minutes peace and order in here!
Can´t work with this uproar from you!

sometimes it is very difficult to get the little rascals to order
Here's a rare moment in which it is possible



20. Oktober 2012

Lukas - a waldorf inspired doll 40 cm / 16 inch

Lukas likes reading very much and would like to share the books with you
Lukas, relaxed in the bed  with underwear and a bellybutton
 I am Lukas and I am ready to come to you! I have new clothes, consisting of a blue corduray pant, a tunica with little mushrooms on it, light green crochet shoes, a red crotched jaunty cap an a red striped backpack. As a real boy I like to sleep in my blue and white striped underwear.

I would like to play with my new mum or dad, I am a good sitter for other dolls and also for children and I like to play in the gardens. I know a lot of good stories and I am a good listener and compagnion for you.
I would like to sit near to you at diner, accompagny you to every place to go. 

Can you please come and pick me up! I am waiting so eagerly!
Come and get me!

Lukas is a handcrafted doll according to waldorf pedagogy.

He is 40 cm / 16 inches tall and made with a high quality cotton interlock tricot from the Netherlands. Lukas is completly stitched by hand, his clothes are made from natural materials such as mohair, cotton jersey, wool and his body ist filled with sheep wool. 

Every doll can be individualized according to their wishes. Please contact me

Please visit my shop at or my blog

I also like to fulfill individual customer requirements!

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wearing his daily dress, the backpack ready to come to you 

what a beautiful backpack!

little secrets can be kept here 

Ready to come to you!
So come and pick me up! 



19. Oktober 2012

Über das Spielen - about playing

Spielen ist in allen Kulturen und zu allen Zeiten ein fester Bestandteil der kindlichen Entwicklung. In der heutigen Zeit wird das Spielen allerdings häufig als Begleiter-scheinung betrachtet, die nicht so wichtig ist und sich allen Dingen unterordnet.
Viele Kinder haben so umfangreiche Terminkalender wie ein Manager und kaum noch Zeit für „Freispiel“ – Zeit, in der die Kinder ihrer Fantasie freien Lauf lassen und das Leben mit lebendigem Lernen kennenlernen.
Wer hat nicht schon fasziniert spielende Kinder beobachtet, völlig versunken in ihr Spiel - z.B. mit Puppenhäusern und Puppen, eine andere Rolle einnehmend, völlig konzentriert.


Playing with dolls 

Playing is an intergral part of childhood in all cultures and at all times. In modern times, however, the playing is often seen as a companion-phenomenon that is not so important and all else is superior. Many children have such an extensive agenda as a manager and only little time for "free play" - time in which the children let their imaginations run wild and discover the mysteries of live learning.

Who has not been fascinated by watching children playing, totally immersed in their game - for example with dolls and doll houses, occupying a different role, totally focused.

Sam, a sweet compagnion

I wish you a lot of special moments