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About my waldorf dolls

Belambolo - Puppenhandwerk: About my waldorf dolls

22. September 2012

About my waldorf dolls

The dolls are made by a pattern designed by me with unique proportions of body, legs and arms as I like it.
I trust in my feelings and my sense of beauty by creating a new doll and sometimes I like to make some experiments. Every doll exists first in my mind and while coming to live my hands sometimes find their own way. At the end I am surprised what sort of doll comes out.
This is the beauty of handmade dolls- every doll is a one of a kind piece of art.

The ingredients used for all type of dolls are the same:
Cotton interlock jersey for body and skin, wool stuffing with natural sheep wool, a handmade wig with natural mohair and embroidered faces.

I am creating the following dolls:

Sleeping beauty

This beautiful little one is used to be approximately 20 - 25 cm ( 8" - 10") tall. Most of the time this adorable doll has closed eyes - but on custom request she ( or he :-) can have big open eyes. The doll comes with a simple outfit consisting of a soft body, a wig of fluffy mohair and weet little shoes. On some accasions they have add ons ( perhaps a sleeping bag. a doll carrier, etc.). The sleeping beauty is perfect for a smallchild 3+ or for a child - at - heart.
Basic price without add ons is 89,00 € ( September 2012)

Belambolo basic

This is an approximately 35 - 40 cm (14- 16 ") inch belambolo doll. She can sit by herself without help. Her wig consists of fluffy mohair in different colours and is perfect for a child 4+. Belambolo basic comes with a basic dress consisting of a dress, a tunic, a leggings and shoes - depending on custom request other clothes are possible.
Sometimes they bring little add ons, for example a bag with gems or a beautiful cardigan an cap.
Basic price for a doll with outfit without add ons 179,00 €.

Little Compagnion

This cheek doll is designed for a child 5+  or a child- at- heart ( as every doll I create). The approximate measures are 45 cm - 53 cm (18"-21"). Cheeky doll comes with a complete outfit, has a pretty face and hair consisting of mohair with a different style - on custom request or like my sense of style.
Basic price ist 199,00 € ( except add ons).

Every piece of the doll ist made by myself. I have no employees or helpers. I design, knit, sew and crothed because it is my passion and the dolls are one-of-a-kind.

Have a nice weekend


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